RX modena

About the RX modena

The RX modena is a high volume, floor standing, fully automated clinical chemistry analyser that promises to revolutionise your laboratory and transform diagnostics. Icon based, interactive touch-screen technology adds a modern flair to your laboratory. Capable of running up to 1,200 tests per hour, with direct HbA1c testing abilities, the RX modena consolidates all your assay requirements onto one intuitive platform, offering a winning combination for large, multi-disciplinary laboratories. A continuous loading hatch allows STAT samples to be analysed quickly and easily during each run.

System Overview

Reaction System

153 cuvettes onboard with cuvette check function ensuring only clean and viable reaction vessels are reused

Separate sample and reagent pipettes to minimise carryover.

Sample Carousel

Removable sample carousel with 94 positions for samples, and 10 positions for controls and calibrators

Sample pipette equipped with bubble detection and 3 levels of clot detection.

Reagent Carousel 

Reagent carousel with 100 cooled positions

Dedicated twin reagent micropipette & dedicated sample pipette both equipped with liquid level sensors and crash detection

Automatic barcode reagent identification.

Continuous Loading Hatch

Continuous loading is facilitated through a hatch on the analyser. The sample carousel is made up of removable baskets.

The software will detect a free space for the user to insert the basket allowing samples to be added quickly and easily during a run, enhancing productivity in the laboratory.

Benefits of the RX modena

Built in inventory management system automatically calculates remaining reagent volume and the number of tests available, alert for shortage, expired reagent and expired calibration

Automatic test re-run function with diluted , reduced or increased sample volume saves time and reduces risk of human error

Automatic sample dilution

Large range of tests available, including routine and unique assays optimised for superior performance

Ability to run specific proteins removes the need for separate nephelometry system

User friendly Microsoft windows based software

Interactive touch-screen technology

Barcode readers for both sample and reagent identification

Minimal maintenance required

13 wavelengths generated via diffraction grating: 340, 380, 415, 450, 478, 510, 546, 570, 600, 660, 700, 750 and 800nm

Capable of running end point, 2 point end rate, 2 point rate and ISE

7 different calibration options available including; Factor, Linear, Point to point, Log-logit, Exponential, Spline and Spline 2

Software Screenshots

Ordering Information

RX modena analyser (comes with ISE as standard) RX9000
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