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Here you can find all of our brochures, videos and scientific poster presentations! Take your time to read through everything and check back regularly for updates.

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  • Adiponectin, IFCC WorldLab, 2014 [ddownload id=”16201″]
  • Adiponectin, APFCB, 2013 [ddownload id=”16202″]
  • Glucose Hexokinase, AACC, 2014 [ddownload id=”16203″]
  • Haptoglobin, AACC, 2014 [ddownload id=”16205″]
  • H-FABP IT, EuroMedLab, 2011 [ddownload id=”16206″]
  • Lp(a), AACC, 2012 [ddownload id=”16207″]
  • sLDL, Heart UK, 2010 [ddownload id=”16208″]
  • sPLA2-IIA, AACC, 2014 [ddownload id=”16209″]
  • TAS, SFRR, 2007 [ddownload id=”16210″]
  • Triglycerides, AACB, 2014 [ddownload id=”16211″]
  • TxBCardio, IFCC WorldLab, 2014 [ddownload id=”16212″]
  • Ask the Expert | Interview with a Reagents R&D Scientist View
  • Ask the Expert | Dr Paul Ames on the Randox TxBCardio Test View
  • H-FABP – A Global Biomarker of ACS View


  • Adiponectin Test [ddownload id=”19994″]
  • Antioxidant Tests [ddownload id=”808″]
  • Cardiology and Lipid Tests [ddownload id=”810″]
  • Diabetes Tests [ddownload id=”813″]
  • Drugs of Abuse Testing and Therapeutic Drug Monitoring [ddownload id=”20175″]
  • HDL3-C Test [ddownload id=”15774″]
  • H-FABP Test [ddownload id=”16176″]
  • High Performance and Unique Tests [ddownload id=”807″]
  • Homocysteine Test [ddownload id=”6122″]
  • Lp(a) Test [ddownload id=”16177″]
  • Reagents Catalogue [ddownload id=”806″]
  • Renal Function Tests [ddownload id=”16180″]
  • Specific Proteins [ddownload id=”23112″]
  • Veterinary Diagnostic Solutions [ddownload id=”23927″]



  • Reagents Quick Reference Guide [ddownload id=”19091″]



  • Cardiology and Lipid Tests [ddownload id=”20416″]
  • High Performance and Unique Tests [ddownload id=”23328″]



  • HDL3 Cholesterol [ddownload id=”19092″]
  • Reagents Quick Reference Guide [ddownload id=”19093″]
  • Cardiology and Lipid Tests [ddownload id=”20179″]
  • High Performance and Unique Tests [ddownload id=”20181″]



  • Antioxidant Tests [ddownload id=”19095″]



  • Diabetes Tests [ddownload id=”19067″]
  • High Performance and Unique Tests [ddownload id=”17766″]
  • Cardiology and Lipid Tests [ddownload id=”19549″]



  • High Performance and Unique Tests [ddownload id=”22841″]



  • Diabetes Tests [ddownload id=”19098″]
  • High Performance and Unique Tests [ddownload id=”19099″]
  • Cardiology and Lipid Tests [ddownload id=”21803″]


  • Early Risk Assessment of Renal Impairment using the Biomarker Cystatin C [ddownload id=”25767″]
  • Early Risk Assessment of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus through the use of the Biomarker Adiponectin [ddownload id=”18359″]
  • sdLDL Cholesterol – A Vital Risk Marker for Cardiovascular Disease and Myocardial Infarction  [ddownload id=”25623″]
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