Neonatal Health With Randox

Neonatal screening is vital for the overall health of newborn babies. Although it is not a mandatory procedure it is highly recommended to detect infections and diseases that can have devastating consequences if not diagnosed soon after birth. Randox’s range of neonatal reagents include CRP, Bilirubin and Complement C4 that are essential in the detection of neonatal lupus and jaundice; which if left undetected can lead to sickle cell anaemia, rubella and even syphilis. Armed with these specific and high quality reagents and Randox Quality Control material ensures not only the early detection of such diseases but also the accuracy and reliability of the laboratory test results that can help to ensure that your baby gets the best start in life.

Neonatal Health: Reagents

Randox Reagents have the highest quality reagents on the market and a test menu comprising of over 118 assays covering over 100 disease markers. Our specific reagents for neonatal health include, G-6-PDH, IgEBilirubin, Copper, Complement C4 & C3IgA , CRP and CRP full range. With flexible pack sizes and a comprehensive list of analyser applications available, you are sure to find what you are looking for.

Neonatal Health: RX series

Randox has developed the RX series of clinical chemistry analysers for superior semi-automated and fully automated testing. The RX series extensive dedicated test menu goes beyond routine testing and has many unique and high-performance tests available. Our range of tests covers several parameters to assess neonatal health.

Neonatal Health: Quality Control

Randox Liquid Bilirubin Control provides a true third party solution for the measurement of bilirubin. Designed to deliver unbiased and independent results, it ensures your instrument is accurate and reliable when testing real patient samples. An elevated bilirubin control is also available to monitor accuracy at higher levels enabling early medical intervention when it matters.

Neonatal Health: RIQAS

RIQAS is the largest international external quality assessment scheme with 45,000 participants worldwide. With 33 comprehensive EQA programmes and world renowned consolidation, it reduces the number of individual programmes required. RIQAS programmes are available to compliment neonatal health tests.

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