Molecular Testing

Understanding drivers of disease is vital in delivering effective patient care. Through the unravelling of the genetic code, healthcare practitioners are able to predict and prevent disease and prescribe appropriate targeted treatments to specific subgroups, for optimal patient outcomes.

The application of multiplex assays to provide a complete patient profile from a single sample is revolutionising molecular laboratory testing, offering unparalleled cost, time and labour saving benefits for rapid and comprehensive result reporting. The power of these assays may now enable detection of a disease earlier, even at the asymptomatic stage, identifying disease drivers and predicting patient response to treatment.

Utilising innovative Biochip Array Technology for multi-analyte screening of biological samples, Randox Molecular offers a range of molecular arrays and assay formats including SNP genotyping, gene expression, pathogen detection and mutation detection, across several key therapy areas, for clinical and research use.

Molecular Multiplex Arrays

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