Randox Acetaminophen Reagent

Key Benefits

Excellent precision

The IgE assay showed a precision of less than 4.5% CV

Exceptional correlation

The assay showed a correlation of r=1.00 against another commercially available method

Completely automated protocols

Are available for a wide range of analysers

Other features

  • Immunoturbidimetric method
  • Liquid ready-to-use reagents
  • Stable to expiry at 2-8°C
  • Measuring range 19.6-1007 IU/ml
Cat NoSizeAnalyserEasy Read
Easy Fit
IE7308R1 1 x 8ml
R2 1 x 5ml
Hitachi 717/911/912/704/902
RX Daytona/Imola

Instrument Specific Applications (ISA’s) are available for a wide range of biochemistry analysers.  Contact us to enquire about your specific analyser.

What is IgE assay used for?

Continual production of IgE antibodies in response to common naturally occurring allergens and the production of excessive amounts of histamine by the IgE bound mast cells results in the development of such clinically important allergic reactions such as asthma, hay fever, dermatitis and food allergies. Elevated IgE levels are also seen in parasitic diseases, IgE myeloma and in hepatitis.

The Randox IgE assay is an immunoturbidimetric end-point method for automated analysers. The increase in turbidity in a sample containing human IgE is measured at 570 nm. The absorbance change is proportional to the quantity of IgE in the sample.

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