Glutathione Reductase

Randox Acetaminophen Reagent

Key Benefits

Applications available

For a wide variety of clinical chemistry analysers

Exceptional correlation

The Glutathione Reductase assay showed a correlation of r=0.988 against another commercially available method

Excellent linearity

387 U/l, removing the need for sample dilution

Randox Glutathione Reductase (UV)

  • UV method
  • Lyophilised reagents
  • Working reagent stable for 2 days when stored at 2-8°C
  • Measuring range 9.69 – 387 U/l
Cat NoSizeAnalyserEasy Read
Easy Fit
GR2368R1 5 x 5ml
R2 5 x 3ml
General Use--

Instrument Specific Applications (ISA’s) are available for a wide range of biochemistry analysers.  Contact us to enquire about your specific analyser.

What is Glutathione Reductase assay used for?

Glutathione Reductase is required for the regeneration of reduced glutathione which is important for normal cellular metabolism. This enzyme is often discussed in association with Glutathione Peroxidase, which requires reduced glutathione for activation. Glutathione Reductase is responsible for maintaining levels of reduced glutathione which has many important functions in the cell. Glutathione plays a role in protein folding and the maintenance of reduced pools of vitamin C and E. Reduced levels of this enzyme have been described in several diseases.

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