Glutathione Peroxidase (Ransel)

Randox Acetaminophen Reagent

Key Benefits

Excellent sensitivity

75 U/l, allowing depleted levels of selenium to be detected

Exceptional correlation

The Ransel assay showed a correlation of r=0.98 against another commercially available method

Excellent linearity

925 U/l, removing the need for sample dilution

Randox Glutathione Peroxidase (Ransel)

  • Enzymatic method
  • Lypohilised reagents
  • Working reagent stable for 48 hours when stored at 2-8°C
  • Measuring range 75 – 925 U/l
Cat NoSizeAnalyserEasy Read
Easy Fit
RS5048 x 6.5mlGeneral Use--
RS5058 x 10mlGeneral Use--

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What is Glutathione Peroxidase (Ransel) assay used for?

Selenium is an essential trace element, involved in the aetiology of a number of diseases. At normal concentrations, selenium has a protective effect against several disease states however this protection is lost at lower concentrations and selenium can be toxic at high concentrations. It is therefore important to monitor selenium levels to ensure they are kept within the normal range. Ransel measures Glutathione Peroxidase which has a direct correlation with selenium levels.

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