Evidence Evolution – Biochip Immunoanalyser

World’s Most Advanced Immunoassay Analyser

The world’s first fully automated random access biochip testing platform, the Evidence Evolution is set to revolutionise current diagnostic testing. With the capability to process up to 2,640 tests per hour, the Evidence Evolution offers complete system integration, as well as the most comprehensive test menu on the market.

Using the same multiplexing technology as the fully automated Evidence, Evidence MultiSTAT and the semi-automated Evidence Investigator, the Evidence Evolution is a transformational platform, providing advanced test consolidation and patient profiling.

The Evidence Evolution offers true on-board random access, state of the art intuitive touchscreen software and advanced precision bio-drive robotics.

Evidence Evolution

Features & Benefits

  • Fully automated immunoanalyser
  • Throughput of up to 2640 tests per hour
  • Up to 44 analytes screened per biochip
  • Continuous sample, reagent and biochip input and output
  • True walkaway time of 2 hours
  • Revolutionary Reflex Testing
  • State of the art intuitive touchscreen software
  • Advanced precision bio-drive robotics
  • 132cm (H) x 120cm (D) x 167.5cm (W)

Test Menu

Cardiac array Fertility hormone array Thyroid Free array Tumor PSA array
Testosterone array
Adhesion molecules array Cerebral array I Cerebral array II Cytokine array I
Cytokine array II Cytokine array III Cytokine array IV Endocrine array
Metabolic syndrome I Metabolic syndrome II
Drugs of Abuse array I Plus Drugs of Abuse array II Drugs of Abuse array III Drugs of Abuse array IV
Drugs of Abuse array V Duid array
Clinical Laboratory Survey