Randox Acetaminophen Reagent

Key Benefits

Excellent precision

The Transferrin assay has a precision of less than 5% CV

Applications available

For a wide variety of clinical chemistry analysers including the RX series

Strong correlation

The Transferrin assay showed a correlation coefficient of 0.98 against another commercially available method utilising a BCR/CAP/IFCC CRM 470 international standard

Randox Transferrin (Immunoturbidmetric)

  • Immunoturbidimetric method
  • Liquid ready-to-use reagents
  • Stable to expiry at 2-8⁰C
  • Measuring range 7.60-550 mg/dl
  • Applications available
Cat NoSizeAnalyserEasy Read
Easy Fit
TF7197R1 6 x 20ml
R2 2 x 15ml
Hitachi 717/911/912/704/902
RX Daytona/Imola

TF3831R1 6 x 20ml
R2 3 x 14ml
RX Daytona/Imola
Hitachi 717/911/912/704/902

Instrument Specific Applications (ISA’s) are available for a wide range of biochemistry analysers.  Contact us to enquire about your specific analyser.

What is Transferrin assay used for?

Transferrin (siderophilin) is the principal iron binding and transport protein in human plasma and can bind two molecules of iron. The normal range for healthy adults is 200-400 mg/dl. Iron availability in the plasma regulates transferrin levels which increase when plasma iron is low.

Transferrin levels increase during pregnancy and oestrogen administration and correlate closely with Total Iron Binding Capacity of serum. Plasma transferrin levels are associated with a range of conditions including anaemia, iron deficiency,inflammation or malignancy, liver disease, malnutrition and protein loss.

Transferrin can also be described as a preventative antioxidant and acts by binding iron in a redox inactive form. This process is extremely important as free iron is capable of stimulating the production of harmful free radicals

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