Randox Clinical Laboratory Services: Experienced Staff Dedicated to Meeting Your Outsourcing Needs

Randox Clinical Laboratory Services: Experienced Staff Dedicated to Meeting Your Outsourcing Needs

With Lab Week occurring this week, RCLS wants to take the opportunity to draw recognition to their dedicated and experienced team of scientists who enable you to meet the time sensitive, bespoke requirements of your research and clinical projects globally. Lab Week occurs annually to celebrate medical laboratory professionals and pathologists who play a vital role in health care and patient advocacy.

Specialising in biomarker and multiplex testing in addition to standard safety and clinical testing, RCLS provides a full laboratory service to accelerate your project to completion. Our experienced project management teams are available to provide support and guidance from initial biomarker selection through to the design of a comprehensive results data package to deliver against your project aims and timelines.

Flexibility and quality are at the core of our service offering. Our in-house biotechnology group enables custom development and scale up monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, antibody fragments (Fab’s, ScFv’s, sdAb’s) and recombinant proteins to meet your laboratory needs.

Currently, there are four state of the art, fully functional ISO12025 accredited laboratories, located in Liverpool, London, Holywood and the Randox Science Park in Antrim. In addition, two laboratories are underway in Los Angles and Dubai. These additions will give RCLS the ability to increase output to both the pharmaceutical, health and research market.

Renowned for quality and reliability, the RX Series and Evidence series are utilised by all RCLS Laboratories, guaranteeing real cost savings, highly accurate and flexible testing solutions. Furthermore, RCLS perform sample testing on numerous third party analysers situated in our laboratories dependent upon the testing which is required by the customer.

Overall, the RCLS team aim to save your laboratory time and money. By utilising our multiplex panels, RCLS can offer labour saving, time reducing and cost effective solutions for all your laboratory testing. Providing your laboratory with the best solution to outsource your testing.

If you would like to find out more information about RCLS and what it has to offer contact info@rcls.com or visit our website www.rcls.com

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RCLS – at the cutting edge of laboratory innovation

Randox Clinical laboratory Services (RCLS) is the latest offering from Randox, Built over 35 years of experience producing high quality IVD products, Randox Clinical Laboratory Services (RCLS), is dedicated to providing a clinical laboratory service designed to meet the time sensitive, bespoke requirements of research and clinical projects globally.

RCLS currently has four state of the art, fully functional ISO12025 accredited laboratories across the UK. They are situated in Liverpool, London and two in Northern Ireland, Hollywood and Randox Science Park in Antrim. RCLS looks to expand their team of experienced scientists, working towards further accreditations and furthermore setting up two additional labs in Dubai and Los Angeles. The addition of these purpose built labs will give RCLS the ability to increase output to both the health and research market.

Ann-Marie Jennings, Laboratory Manager for Randox Clinical Laboratory Services, discusses the Randox Biochip Array, RCLS’ abilities and confidence in testing;

“On our patented Randox Biochip Array Technology we can customize bespoke testing platforms based on the requirements of each drug development project, which can be a challenging process. From initial product development to clinical trial stages there can be a number of barriers and time constraints before drugs are successfully released to the public.  We’re confident that our newly enhanced capabilities will benefit patients suffering from conditions in most need of research by offering pharmaceutical companies at the forefront of pioneering research, with the latest technological developments.”

Thanks to these state of art laboratories, RCLS will now be able to provide an increasingly wide range of testing services to Biotechnology, research and pharmaceutical companies delivering the testing services required to support their research and drug development projects.

With the ability to conduct an unrivalled range of health testing – haematology, biochemistry and immunoassay – all under one roof, the laboratory offers unparalleled support services to the dynamic and growing healthcare industry.  With a greater understanding of human complexity, pharmaceutical companies are now focusing on developing safer drugs tailored to specific patient groups or sub-groups and the expansion plans in motion at RCLS will help these organisations bring new drugs to market faster.

If you would like more information on Randox Clinical Laboratory Services, please contact us by emailing us at info@rcls.com


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