Randox Biochip Blood Test detects Alzheimer’s Disease risk in 3 hours

Randox Biochip Blood Test detects Alzheimer’s Disease risk in 3 hours

Randox are delighted to announce that at this week’s American Association for Clinical Chemistry Annual Scientific Meeting and Clinical Lab Expo, in Philadelphia, we have been presented with a NACB / AACC Distinguished Abstract Award for a new Randox Biochip Blood Test to identify Alzheimer’s Disease risk.

Or more specifically, an award for our “Development of a New Biochip Array for ApoE4 Classification from Plasma Samples using Immunoassay Based Methods!”

Out of 1024 posters presented at the diagnostics conference, which is the largest of its kind globally, the poster for our new ApoE4 test, presented by our R&D Scientist Dr. Emma Harte, was one of only 29 to receive this prestigious award.

Emma is one of a team of Randox scientists at our Teoranta site in Dungloe, Co. Donegal, Ireland who carried out this pioneering Alzheimer’s research.

The ApoE4 poster demonstrated the work involved in the development of our ApoE4 blood test, performed on our patented Randox Biochip Array Technology.  This blood test is an affordable method of identifying patients at risk of developing Alzheimer’s Disease, and provides a faster alternative to standard testing which analyses a patient’s DNA.  Standard molecular testing can be both time-consuming and expensive.

The Randox ApoE4 Biochip Array can conduct multiple diagnostic tests on a single blood sample, which has both cost and time-saving benefits, in addition to a rapid diagnosis for the patient.

The Randox Biochip analyses the Apolipoprotein E (ApoE), a gene which is recognised as one of the most significant genetic risk factors for dementia and other neurodegenerative diseases.

There are three versions of the ApoE gene: E2, E3 and E4. The E4 version increases a person’s risk of developing late-onset Alzheimer’s disease, and it may also be associated with an earlier onset of memory loss.

Each parent passes on one ApoE gene to their child.  Around 25% of the population inherit one copy of the ApoE4 gene. Inheriting two copies of the E4 variant increases a person’s disease risk by 10 times or more.

Our research into the identification of this gene was conducted in conjunction with our colleagues at the Medical University of Vienna, and verified the accuracy of the Randox Biochip Blood Test by analysing 384 samples and comparing the results to that of a standard molecular diagnostic test.  Both tests provided the same accurate results, however the Biochip test results were available in a significantly faster 3 hours.

In combination with information on medical and family history, medication, and lifestyle, an individual’s ApoE4 status, as obtained from the Randox Biochip test, can go a long way in advising personalised medicine for the patient.

“This type of testing is important in our quest to understand and diagnose Alzheimer’s and empower patients to understand risks, consider medication, and even make early lifestyle changes,” said Emma, our R&D Scientist.

“Pairing this test with medical and family history for risk of Alzheimer’s disease has the real potential to advance personalised medicine.  This fast, accurate testing will allow doctors and patients to make more informed choices earlier to potentially slow the possible progress of Alzheimer’s.”

Dr. Emma Harte PhD, one of our Randox R&D Scientists! Emma presented our ApoE4 poster at this week’s AACC Annual Meeting and Clinical Lab Expo, in Philadelphia.

Randox ramping up business in the US at AACC

Following its recent £1 billion sales announcement, Randox Laboratories is maintaining its focus on international markets, as a group of 30 representatives from the diagnostics company, which has headquarters in County Antrim, have travelled to the US this week, to take part in the world’s largest diagnostics conference – in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The American Association of Clinical Chemistry (AACC) Annual Meeting and Clinical Lab Expo, known as the leading event for laboratory medicine worldwide, is attended by over 20,000 delegates from across the globe, and offers Randox the opportunity to showcase their capabilities and to network with leading healthcare professionals and key decision makers.

 Managing Director of Randox, Dr. Peter FitzGerald, explained the company’s focus on business with the US;

“The USA is one of our most important markets and we have been exporting our diagnostic products there since the early 1980s. For example, we have Randox Clinical Chemistry Analysers in key Ivy League Institutions, such as Yale University School of Medicine, and Harvard University.  It is vital to nurture and develop these key relationships, as well as endeavor to establish new ones.”

Randox’s expertise in diagnostics means that the company has been able to diversify beyond healthcare, into the veterinary, research, forensic, and food safety sectors in the US. For example, a number of countries have implemented strict regulations on their meat imports in recent years, meaning that US exports have had to source new ways of demonstrating the quality of their products. Randox Food Diagnostics technology have enabled US exporters to demonstrate residue-free products, by screening for the growth promoter Ractopamine.

Randox’s Toxicology division is also at the forefront of one of the world’s key health challenges; ‘legal highs.’  Key state level agencies for forensic investigations, such as The Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences, are able to stay on top of this growing public health threat by custom ordering Randox biochips to test the most relevant drugs of abuse within their state.

Dr. FitzGerald continued;

“Following the Brexit decision there will of course be particular business challenges, but at Randox we will maintain our commitment to research and development, and seek new opportunities in international markets such as the US. A growing demand for Randox innovations in the US has supported a $10m investment in our new facility Kearneysville, in West Virginia, which will be officially opened later this year, and will enable us to strengthen our position in that market.”


AACC runs from the 31st July – 4th August at the Pennsylvania Convention Center Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Randox can be found at booth #2927.

Members from the team of Randox representatives attending this year’s AACC conference in the Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Randox leads the way at world’s largest medical conference

Global biotechnology firm, Randox Laboratories, is taking a leading role in the world’s largest medical conference which is currently under way in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Northern Ireland medical diagnostics company is a major sponsor of the American Association of Clinical Chemistry (AACC) Annual Meeting and Clinical Lab Expo, which is attended by over 20,000 delegates and 784 exhibitors from across the globe.

As the leading event for laboratory medicine worldwide, the conference provides an opportunity for breakthrough innovations in clinical testing and patient care to be introduced to the healthcare world.

A group of 32 members of Randox staff are attending the event, exhibiting Randox’s wide range of products and capabilities, which are exported to 145 countries. AACC provides a valuable opportunity to develop new business and clinical partnerships, as well as to consolidate and strengthen current relationships.

Managing Director of Randox, Dr. Peter FitzGerald, is attending the conference and says that the company is proud to be promoting Northern Ireland business to an international audience:

“The global laboratory diagnostics market, is currently valued at around US$55 billion, and is growing at 5.3% per year. With ambitious plans for growth over the next few years, we are committed to improving healthcare worldwide through our investment in our people and the world’s most revolutionary diagnostic technology. Our presence at the AACC annual meeting is fundamental to achieving our strategic aims in promoting our brand, and in strengthening Northern Ireland trade links across the world.”

AACC runs from the 28th – 30th July at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

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