Randox Testing Services (RTS) are the whistleblower and initiated the police forensic investigation. RTS support to police ongoing.

  • RTS is the whistle-blower in this issue of forensic manipulation.
  • In January 2017, RTS investigated an anomaly in a forensic report, identified manipulation of quality control data and immediately reported this to the police, accreditation agency and the forensic science regulator.
  • This activity had not been identified in numerous external audits by the accreditation agency, other forensic science providers, or by defence experts in numerous cases.
  • RTS are working with Greater Manchester Police, the Forensic Service Regulator and the Home Office to resolve the situation. The investigation now dates beyond RTS to laboratories which are unconnected to it. However, it was RTS action that identified this activity.
  • RTS remain actively engaged with all the appropriate agencies to resolve the outstanding issues and are committed to supporting the criminal justice system.
  • RTS is currently managing the process of retesting samples at appropriately accredited laboratories, as well as covering the associated costs.
  • Two former employees remain on police bail. All appropriate pre-employment checks were conducted.
  • RTS are new to the forensic science industry. The majority of staff were employed with experience from elsewhere in the forensic science industry, from both the public and private sectors.
  • In light of these circumstance RTS volunteered and agreed to the suspension of the related forensic accreditation in RTS laboratories only. All other Randox laboratories are unaffected.

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