Revolutionize Routine Medical Testing with Latest ‘Super-Control’ from Randox

The FDA has cleared Randox’s Acusera Liquid Assayed Chemistry Premium Plus control for use in US laboratories. A multi-analyte control, it contains 100 of the most commonly used analytes in routine medical testing.

Randox believes the ‘super-control’ will revolutionize quality control in laboratories, saving time and money whilst ensuring highly accurate results and patient diagnosis.

Where laboratories previously may have had to use as many as 30 controls to cover the full clinical range, the launch of this new control means labs can now run QC for 100 analytes all within one control, whilst ensuring accuracy and high performance.

Randox’s Acusera Liquid Assayed Chemistry Premium Plus control is the most comprehensive multi-analyte control on the world market to date, containing a unique combination of protein, lipids, immunoassays, cardiac markers, blood markers, therapeutic drugs and routine chemistry analytes. It offers the following features:

  • A true third party control, in liquid format for ease of use
  • Assayed, with clinically significant values provided for a wide range of analysers at key decision points
  • Available in 3 concentrations, covering the full clinical range
  • Highly stable, with open vial stability of 7 days at +2-8°c
  • Human-based, ensuring performance that closely mirrors patient samples
  • High levels of CRP and other key proteins

John Schaefering, US Director, Randox Quality Control said:

“Randox are pushing the boundaries of quality control, helping laboratories improve their performance and productivity while ensuring highly accurate results. As laboratory budgets come under increasing pressure, consolidated QC products offer major savings to labs in both time and money.  Randox shows the labs they understand the need for efficiency in today’s healthcare market by offering this type of multi-constituent control.”

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