RCLS: Flexibility and Quality at the Core of Service

Randox Clinical Laboratory Services is a dedicated group of laboratories across the United Kingdom with plans to expand across the world. All of the clinical laboratories are purpose built to deal with the bespoke needs of research and clinical projects. Currently we have laboratories situated in Antrim, Holywood, Liverpool and London.

Flexibility and quality are at the core of our service offering and our experienced team are available to support and advise at each step of a project to ensure deadlines are met and high quality data is delivered in the most cost efficient manner.

Specialising in biomarker and multiplex testing in addition to standard safety and clinical testing, RCLS provides a full laboratory service to accelerate your project to completion. Our patented and globally recognised Biochip Array Technology (BAT), provides multiplex testing solutions in an accurate and precise format. Vast expertise in in-house antibody and assay development also allows for customised assays to be incorporated into your testing.

A key focus for RCLS, utilising this technology (BAT) and the ability to customise, is esoteric/niche biomarker analysis within clinical trials. Randox has been providing custom assay design, development and manufacturing services to the diagnostic, pharmaceutical, contract research and biotech industries for many years. This also includes fully customised human and animal quality control sera. We have the facilities to design a novel multiplex biochip tailored to each customer’s requirements taking into account sample types, available sample volumes and expected ranges for various analytes of interest.

Our assay development specialists will endeavour to work with you to ensure your needs are constantly met and provide a smooth process from the time of your first enquiry through to final delivery.

If you would like more information on RCLS please contact info@rcls.com

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