Randox Health launches international roll-out of clinics with official opening in Holywood

The most innovative health clinic in Northern Ireland has been officially opened by the First Minister, the Rt. Hon. Arlene Foster, who described Randox Health Holywood as “an example of what belief, commitment and inspiration can achieve.”

With over 34 years’ experience in developing accurate and cutting-edge blood science technology, and an investment of over £225 million in Randox’s patented Biochip, Randox Health brings the world’s most advanced and personalised Health Programme directly to the public. Randox are rolling out additional clinics across the country including in Liverpool and Manchester before the launch of the Randox Health Grand National, and internationally including Dubai and in the USA.

The flagship centre features Randox’s revolutionary ‘Evolution’ blood screening machine, the first of its kind in any Randox Health laboratory. Capable of delivering accurate results from more than 2600 tests an hour including, but not exclusive to, cancer surveillance, fertility, heart, nutritional, digestive and diabetes health. Randox Health technology creates a full body health profile designed to spot illness even before it becomes symptomatic; empowering patients to take preventive action to stay healthy.

The First Minister Arlene Foster said; 

“Randox occupies a special place in Northern Ireland. For almost 35 years, it has been a global leader in medical diagnostics. Dr Peter FitzGerald has dedicated himself completely to improving people’s health around the world, and we see the results of that here in this clinic, which I am delighted to open to the public.  I fully embrace his philosophy of preventive health and doing what we can to stay healthy, living fuller lives for longer.”

Dr Peter FitzGerald said;

“Right across society, I see too many people struggling with preventable illness. Conditions like Type-2 diabetes, described as the fastest-growing epidemic of our time, are having a catastrophic impact on people’s lives. Cutting our risk of becoming sick is crucial, and the more we know about the state of our body, the better. I believe there needs to be a fundamental shift in the way we look at our health, with an emphasis on protecting it. We’ve developed the latest in blood science technology and using our expertise through these clinics, you can obtain all the information you need to stay well now and throughout your life.”

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For more information about the official opening of our Randox Health Holywood Clinic please contact randoxpr@randox.com

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