Randox Biosciences

Discovery, drug development, diagnostics

Randox Laboratories has a longstanding reputation as a world leading diagnostic manufacturer. Randox Biosciences which is part of Randox Laboratories, brings together four specialist divisions serving scientific discovery, drug development and diagnostics.

We supply leading academic centres, genetics laboratories and the global biopharmaceutical industry with products tailored to their specific requirements; whether that is for research, biomarker development, molecular diagnostics or clinical trials.

Randox Biosciences product range covers a wide range of therapeutic areas including Immunology, Oncology, Metabolic, Nutritional, Cardiovascular, Cerebrovascular, Respiratory, Toxicology and Infection.

Randox Life Sciences

Randox Life Sciences have been developing and manufacturing antibodies, proteins and conjugates for over 30 years for use in Randox Laboratories diagnostic kits.  We have a wide range of polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies, antibody fragments including sdAb’s, scFv’s and fAb’s, recombinant proteins and conjugates.  A custom development service is also available for all raw materials.

Randox Research

Randox Research is focused on the supply of clinical-grade assays and materials to universities on a global scale. Through our unique multiplex Biochip Array Technology, which consolidates both protein and molecular arrays, academic researchers can simultaneously produce multiple results from a single patient sample. In addition to this revolutionary technology, both routine and novel clinical tests are available on our extensive reagent test menu; these can be utilised through our dedicated RX range of clinical analysers.

Randox Pharma Sciences

Randox Pharma Sciences supplies the world’s leading CRO, pharmaceutical and biotech companies and is uniquely positioned to offer a full package from pre-clinical diagnostic solutions right through to customised development and companion diagnostics.

We have built up unrivalled in-house technical expertise – be it in class-leading diagnostic, prognostic, predictive and CDx assay development and optimisation, multiplex protein nucleic acid arrays and analysers, clinical chemistry and immunoassay assays and analysers, high quality clinical diagnostic reagents or customised quality control sera and calibrators.

Randox Clinical Laboratory Service offers a highly flexible and cost effective solution for a full range of safety and clinical testing requirements utilizing our in-house production for a rapid cost-effective service.

Randox Molecular

Understanding drivers of disease is vital in delivering effective patient care. Through the unravelling of the genetic code, healthcare practitioners are able to predict and prevent disease and prescribe appropriate targeted treatments to specific subgroups, for optimal patient outcomes.

Randox Molecular offers diagnostic, prognostic and predictive solutions across a range of disease areas including infectious diseases, sexually transmitted infections and respiratory tract infections, inherited genetic disease familial hypercholesterolemia (FH), cardiac risk prediction and colorectal cancer. Utilising innovative biochip array technology (BAT) for multi-analyte screening of biological samples, our assays provide a complete patient profile from a single patient sample for rapid, accurate diagnosis.

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