Multiplex Testing

Biochip Array Technology (BAT) is an innovative assay technology which utilises multiplex testing methodology in a rapid, accurate and easy-to-use format. Users of BAT can have the utmost confidence in its proven transformational platform analysis, reagents and procedures. The surface chemistry between the biochip and the analysis platforms allow BAT to be used with a range of patient samples: whole blood, serum, saliva, urine and tissue biopsy *.

As well as having time and cost saving benefits, which drive towards an increase in clinical performance, testing for multiple markers gives a more comprehensive picture of the patient’s condition.

Applications of Biochip Array Technology

  • Universities, contract organisations, private/public sector, environmental laboratories
  • Pharma and Drug Development: Pre-clinical and clinical studies
  • Forensic and Drugs of Abuse testing
  • Veterinary testing
  • Molecular testing


The evidence analyser is a combination of the latest technological advances along with an innovative system design.

Evidence Evolution

The world’s first fully automated random access biochip testing platform, set to revolutionise current diagnostic testing.

Evidence Investigator

Semi-automated benchtop immunoanalyser that is capable of conducting research, clinical, forensic, molecular, and veterinary testing.

Evidence MultiSTAT

The Evidence MultiSTAT is designed to enable users with no laboratory experience to conduct immunoassay testing.

Features & Benefits

  • Time and cost savings
  • Wide and varied test menu
  • Multiple sample types
  • Better patient care
  • Can detect proteins/antigens, drugs, residues and nucleic acids

Available BAT Arrays

An extensive range of biochip arrays are available, each being optimised to provide the best performance.

  • Adhesion Molecules Array
  • Anthelmintics Array
  • Antimicrobial Arrays
  • Beta-lactam Array
  • Cardiac Array
  • Cardiac Risk Prediction Array
  • Cerebral Arrays
  • Coccidostats Array
  • Cytokine Arrays
  • Drugs of Abuse Arrays
  • Endocrine Array
  • Familial Hypercholesterolemia Arrays
  • Growth Promoter Arrays
  • KRAS, BRAF, PIK3CA* Array (*for research use only)
  • Metabolic Syndrome Arrays
  • Mycotoxin Arrays
  • Respiratory Multiplex Array
  • STI Multiplex Array
  • Synthetic Steroids Array
  • Thyroid Free Array
  • Thyroid Total Array
  • Tumour PSA Array
  • Vitamin D Array

* dependent on the biochip assay under study.

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