Manage Your Laboratory Effectively with Randox Quality Control

Manage your laboratory effectively using Randox Quality Control

Manage Your Laboratory Effectively with Randox Quality Control

With Euro 2016 starting today the final squads for each country participating have been carefully selected. Confirming those players who made the squad were the managers – managing their team effectively is a tough job but when done right it can be rewarding. However, getting the squad and team wrong can have major repercussions.

Linking Football to your Laboratory

Is the idea of managing a “team” effectively sounding familiar? You could be forgiven for not seeing the link between a football team and laboratory in this scenario. By managing your laboratory effectively you can be sure that accurate and reliable results are being reported whilst keeping your costs at a minimum and reducing the time spent preparing your controls. The same can be said for a football team – if you get the squad right then the players perform well and therefore produce better results and performances.

In terms of managing your laboratory effectively the best option is to ensure you have all areas of clinical testing covered, internal quality control, an inter-laboratory data management programme and also external quality assessment.

What can Randox Quality Control offer?

With an extensive portfolio combining true third party controls (Acusera Quality Control), inter-laboratory data management (Acusera Live Online 24.7) and the world’s largest EQA scheme (RIQAS), Randox can uniquely provide a complete Quality Control package to help “manage laboratories effectively”. Unrivaled confidence in patient results comes from using our complete package, our IQC and EQA will also deliver effective consolidation and significant cost savings, while implementation of Acusera 24.7 Live Online will allow at-a-glance performance assessment.

Appoint Randox to help you manage your laboratory and ensure accurate and reliable results enabling you to sit back, watch Euro 2016 and roar your country to victory.

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