Randox Teoranta ‘decks the halls’ as part of major recruitment drive

Randox Teoranta ‘decks the halls’ as part of major recruitment drive

Global biotechnology firm Randox, is announcing that recruitment for the expansion of its facility in Dungloe is now underway.  In October the company laid out its vision for Randox Teoranta, its cutting-edge life science and engineering centre, which included a major investment of €25m in the site and a jobs boost of almost 500 posts to be filled by 2020.

The first wave of recruitment for #Dungloe2020 has just begun, with the initial focus on electrical, mechanical and software engineers as Dr Peter FitzGerald, Randox MD explains: 

“We are very pleased that the recruitment process is now open for the first of the #Dungloe2020 positions.  At the moment, we are keen to hear from those in life sciences, medical device engineering and software; with a particular focus on Software developers and testers, embedded software engineers, those with backgrounds in mechanical design as well as electronic & electrical engineers.  

Randox Teoranta is a next generation life-sciences and engineering research and manufacturing centre, the site of pioneering research into conditions impacting human health such as alzheimer’s and diseases of the kidneys and liver.  We hope to encourage scientists and engineers returning for Christmas, to consider returning for good to pursue world class careers at home.”

Stiofán Ó Cualáin, CEO, Údarás na Gaeltachta, says they are backing the campaign: 

“We are delighted to hear that Randox Teoranta is now commencing its recruitment campaign following the company’s recent announcement of its expansion plans at its facility in An Clochán Liath. Údarás na Gaeltachta, are pleased to be able support Randox Teo. in this recruitment drive. The people that will be employed in these new jobs will play an important role in the growth and continued development of Randox Teoranta. and we wish the company every success with their campaign.”

Randox Teoranta is holding a ‘drop-in’ morning, Wednesday 24th December during the hours of 0900-1200 for anyone interested in the career opportunities available.  Representatives from the company will be happy to discuss the #Dungloe2020 expansion and recruitment.

For more information on the #Dungloe2020 positions advertised please visit randox.com  or emailrecruitment@randoxteoranta.com

Revolutionize Routine Medical Testing with Latest ‘Super-Control’ from Randox

The FDA has cleared Randox’s Acusera Liquid Assayed Chemistry Premium Plus control for use in US laboratories. A multi-analyte control, it contains 100 of the most commonly used analytes in routine medical testing.

Randox believes the ‘super-control’ will revolutionize quality control in laboratories, saving time and money whilst ensuring highly accurate results and patient diagnosis.

Where laboratories previously may have had to use as many as 30 controls to cover the full clinical range, the launch of this new control means labs can now run QC for 100 analytes all within one control, whilst ensuring accuracy and high performance.

Randox’s Acusera Liquid Assayed Chemistry Premium Plus control is the most comprehensive multi-analyte control on the world market to date, containing a unique combination of protein, lipids, immunoassays, cardiac markers, blood markers, therapeutic drugs and routine chemistry analytes. It offers the following features:

  • A true third party control, in liquid format for ease of use
  • Assayed, with clinically significant values provided for a wide range of analysers at key decision points
  • Available in 3 concentrations, covering the full clinical range
  • Highly stable, with open vial stability of 7 days at +2-8°c
  • Human-based, ensuring performance that closely mirrors patient samples
  • High levels of CRP and other key proteins

John Schaefering, US Director, Randox Quality Control said:

“Randox are pushing the boundaries of quality control, helping laboratories improve their performance and productivity while ensuring highly accurate results. As laboratory budgets come under increasing pressure, consolidated QC products offer major savings to labs in both time and money.  Randox shows the labs they understand the need for efficiency in today’s healthcare market by offering this type of multi-constituent control.”

STI mockumentary goes viral as STI rates in the UK continue to soar

  • New STI awareness campaign infects digital and social media
  • ‘Mockumentary’ promotes revolutionary new STI home test
  • Thousands caught out by spoof STI and sniffer dog squad
  • Leading sexual health charity praises timing of campaign as Christmas Party season kicks in

British biotechnology company Randox Laboratories, continues to break new ground, with a spoof documentary to promote its home STI test, Confidante. The award winning firm, recognised internationally for its leading diagnostic technologies, is proving that it is also ahead of the curve when it comes to promoting its products.

Thousands have been caught out by the ‘mockumentary’ which follows the officers and dogs of the STI Detection unit as they sniff out undetected STIs around the UK.

The film, which shows unsuspecting punters outed in public by sniffer dogs Radar, Frisbee and their handlers, ends with an invitation to ‘check your privates in private’ with the Confidante test. The light-hearted strategy is designed to prompt 25-34 year olds to think about their sexual health and get tested.

Dr Peter FitzGerald, Managing Director of Randox Laboratories, said:

“So far, ten thousand people a day are watching the mockumentary, we expect this to grow as the campaign continues. For us it is ultimately about improving health, raising awareness of STIs and encouraging people get tested, we’ve opened up what can be a taboo subject and have done so with humour!

Every day one million people across the world are infected with an STI and at home incidents are continuing to soar – in the UK we are seeing worrying levels of chlamydia, gonorrhoea and syphilis in particular; we want people to take their sexual health seriously and regular testing is a key part of that”.

Sexual health charity FPA has applauded the timing and effectiveness of the campaign. Natika Halil, director of health and wellbeing, said:

“This has clearly created something of a talking point around STIs, which is particularly important in the run up to Christmas and New Year parties as we know people are less likely to think of infections after they have been drinking.

If you have sex without a condom then you are at risk of getting an STI, and not everyone who has an infection has signs or symptoms – so it’s possible to pass it on without realising.”

The infectious digital content has been produced Randox Marketing and creative agency Langland. Randox Marketing Manager, Chris Henry said they wanted something that would start people talking about STIs:

“Our goal was to engage a whole new audience of potential customers who may be too embarrassed to take their sexual health seriously. We believe this campaign does exactly that, communicating the shock of being exposed in public, but doing it with humour, in a way people can engage with without feeling they are publically declaring they have an STI.”

Confidante is the world’s first STI home test kit, to detect 10 common STIs and can be used in the privacy of the home. It uses Randox’s unique Biochip Array Technology, with results delivered within 7 working days, confidentially, via a nurse specialist, either by phone or email. Advice, GP appointments, treatments are available through the Randox Healthcare division, Randox Health.

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